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Basic auto care knowledge can save you many dollars and headaches later down the road. We've included some basic tips on this page to help our customers avoid costly mistakes that we have commonly seen over the years. We hope this information protects your wallet and prevents the major disasters that arise from simply a lack of knowledge about what to do when a certain circumstance occurs. 

Quick Auto Care Tips


 If your check engine light has come on and IT"S FLASHING

 PULL OVER and STOP! It means engine damage is imminent.

If your check engine light comes on but it is not flashing - Come see us at your earliest convenience because it means something in your engine or drive train is not right and we recommend that you get it checked before other damage occurs.

If your RED brake light is ON - PULL OVER. STOP.You may be losing your brakes. It could mean you are losing brake fluid or it could mean a brake system failure - in either case - you do not have time to wait. You need to have it checked by a qualified brake technician immediately. Don't hesitate to call us.

If your YELLOW ABS Light is ON - You will not lose your brakes immediately. However, your ABS System no longer functions. The ABS system prevents you from locking your brakes up or skidding. You should have this serviced at your earliest convenience.

If your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS FLASHING or YOUR OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT IS ON or YOUR TEMPERATURE GAUGE IS HIGH - PULL OVER. STOP. You need immediate service. Continuing to drive can cause severe damage to your engine. Call us.


Normally you should check your oil once a week. Make sure you use the oil specified by your owners manual. DO NOT CHECK THE OIL  OR COOLANT OF A HOT ENGINE! The best time to check your oil is after your car has been parked overnight and before you intend to drive it. You should only add oil when you are down a quart - and you should add it a quart at a time.

Check your oil, coolant (antifreeze/radiator fluid), brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, wiper fluid once a month.  Check your vehicle owners manual for the manufacturers' recommendations about which oil grade and when to change it.


TPMS is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If This light is on you may have a flat tire. Your TPMS light is going to remain on even after you put your spare on. This means your TPMS System is no longer functioning properly. You need this serviced as soon as it is convenient.

Normally, you should check or have your tire pressure checked weekly.

You should check your tire tread once a month. The best check for tire tread is to use a tire depth gage. Your tire tread depth should measure 2/32. An old Yankee method of checking tire tread is to put a penny into the deepest groove of the tire tread and if you can see the top of Lincoln's head - it's time to get new tires. But this is not a fail safe method because tires can wear unevenly. If you're in doubt come see us.

Tires should be rotated. This simple act extends your tire's life expectancy and saves you money. Tire rotation is vehicle specific. We recommend checking your owner's manual or ask us.

Tire pressure affects your ability to stop and steer. Many accidents can be prevented by simply maintaining adequate tire pressure and tread.

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Same Day Oil Change Meredith NH

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Same Day Oil Change Meredith NH

Air Bag Light On

If your air bag light is on - Your air bag system is not functioning correctly. It may not deploy your air bag in an accident or it may deploy all the airbags in your vehicle in the event of an accident. You must bring it in for a diagnostic check. This is usually not something you can repair yourself.


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